Artist Watch: Sista Soul Donn T's Kaleidoscopic Dreams

Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's a family affair concerning Donn T, whose name may escape you but whose brother you already know. This up-in-coming sista from an intergalactic funk n' soul planet has sibling relations with none other than drummer ?uestlove from The Roots, and that right there let's you know that talent does indeed grow on the family tree. It's even more clear once you listen to Donn T's music that she is indeed a up-coming shining star in the making, and though she's been on the music trail for awhile (I'm tardy for the party on hearing about her), hopefully by the end of 2010, she'll be doing big things. So what is the evidence that she's worth your while? 

I usually don't bum around MySpace because it's kind of barbaric, Blingee infested and itches like a cheap sweater, not to mention I'm one of those weirdos that never registered for one even during it's flourishing phase. I was doing the usual bored/insomniac thing the other night and stumbled upon this whopping and mega-detailed article from the archives at OkayPlayer about this "brand new" soul sista named Donn T. Since you know how much I love a good 'soul sista', I had to dig a little deeper, and deeper led me to her MySpace page where a small bushel of tracks rested, and I ended up listening to them all and enjoying them immensely especially her spacey take on Radiohead's "Morning Bell" . I mean if you have the guts to tackle Thom Yorke and Co., you must be daring musically...and that she is.

As a fan of the paprika spice that you add to the smooth consistent Soul repertoire, I couldn't help but love Donn T on arrival as her sound is space-age synth (think a twist of Janelle Monae) mixed in with a House-jazzy flair (think Amel Larrieux or Lisa Shaw) and a voice that is seasoned soul queen through and through. Words ain't swaying you? Then just check the single, "Kisses" and also the album trailer for Donn T's upcoming debut, Kaleidoscopic and get acquainted. 

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