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Friday, April 9, 2010

 I'm kind of a nut for reviews. Okay, pulling up in Obvious Station on the Duh! Express. And frankly, I like to divulge in other writer's reviews because you always get the fuller spectrum of an album or single, especially from a point of view you never saw before.
Still I am picky about how I read my reviews on albums, because I'm such a Regina George. I have high standards. 

I don't mind a haiku (that takes some talent to describe something in three lines), but I do mind if someone just says..."This album was good, I liked it, especially track number five, it was dope!!!!!" Elaborate please. It's me being the descendant of English teachers, but sometimes you can't just sum up an album in just a few words. So this is where 365 Albums A Year comes in, a website that has a simple objective: it reviews an one album a day, all year round, except on Leap Day, because then they would have to change the site title to 366 Albums a Year, and that's not catchy enough. 

When pulling into the site you'll get a variety of reviews from all genres (I've seen David Bowie and The Foreign Exchange reviewed), and if you continue to follow them throughout the year, you'll be surprised each day. But these guys (all seven writers) are no fools, because they are reviewing albums that are actually good and classic in their own if you're looking to see bashing on musicians, no can do here. So for the album review nut, this site will have you engaged for hours, as it did for me. Plus a site that can review Marlena Shaw's glorious Who's This Bitch Anyway? and D'Angelo's Voodoo is heavy in my book.

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