First Impressions: Robyn Let's Her 'Body Talk' With "None Of Dem"

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

There's been a lot going on in Robyn Land as the Swedish electronica starlet is gearing up to release a triple threat of albums this year, all of them going by the scrumptious name of Body Talk. The three album project will be released in increments, with the first installment, Body Talk Part 1 EP, seeing the light of day on June 7th, and the first three singles being officially released today.

We've already soaked our bones into the zany, "Fembots" and the romp of "Dancehall Queen" now the latest, "None Of Dem" has surfaced ant it's a five minute wall of sound, courtesy of  producing Norwegian duo Royksopp, that is quite disco minded with it's structure yet has a very spooky edge to it that sort of drifts along as the song pounds on. It's actually quite delightful, though it does get repetitive after a good minute. Still that's not a bad thing, only that you gotta wear some sturdy dancing shoes because you'll be wearing them down with this. [via PJ/RT]

None Of Dem  

1 comment:

  1. I love None of Dem, mostly because I like the lyrics and what she's singing about. I'd love a video for any of her songs right now.


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