First Impressions: Scissor Sisters Shine A 'Light' Back To The Days When Frankie Said 'Relax'

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Why am I not a Scissor Sisters fan? I don't really know. I know of lead singer, Jake Shears producing talent (he'll be doing some more musikal thangs with Kylie Minogue later on this year) and I recall friends who adored them back in high school when 2004's "I Don't Feel Like Dancin'" was everywhere, but never did I really listen. Sometimes these things happen. Call it the hazard of "so much music, so little time", yet there is no time like the present to see what the New York quintet have drawn out of their hats.

So maybe it was the glutus maxmius staring me in the face, or that fantasmical 80's script font on the cover art of their upcoming effort, Night Work, but I was provoked to stream the group's latest, "Invisible Light".  I'm glad I did, because this song is rich. Rich in arrangement from it's climatic build to it's persistent synth make-up. Immediately I was reminded of Frankie Goes To Hollywood and their 1984 booming sex on wheels hit, "Relax" or the equally charging, "Two Tribes", possibly because this song kind of bombards you with its weighty instrumentation and emerging vocals. The track is also quite "Thriller"-esque when Sir Ian Mckellan chiming in with a eerie monologue, making the sprawling six and half-minute romp sound like an thundering anthem for club children. To think this is the last song featured on Night Work...wonder what the rest sounds like? Curiouser and curiouser, as Alice would say.  

Night Work drops in stores June 28th.

Invisible Light

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