Remember The Time: Terence Trent D'Arby's 'Hardline' Live

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Maybe I have mentioned this...or not...but never do I get tired of saying that Terence Trent D'Arby is one of my favorite vocalists. Ever. All-Time. Infinity. Gushing much, but it's true. One of the worst crimes in music was how his career got knocked by the wayside, possibly due to future experimental albums that had folks scratching their scalps and some brash quotes that managed to get folks feathers ruffled (apparently he compared himself to The Beatles...which is some unwritten 'oh, no he didn't!' in music-dom). Still no matter what, if you dig back into D'Arby (who now goes by Sananada Maitreya) then you're in for a listening thrill ride, as after his highly successful debut, The Hardline According To..., D'Arby managed to make albums that combined every genre of music you could possibly think of. Quirky concepts aside, D'Arby's finest is definitely his 1987 debut. Before you is a video clip of D'Arby performing the album's opening track, "If You All Get To Heaven" to a live audience, and it shrilly stomps in just as brisk as on the record.


  1. Terence Trent D'Arby/Sananda Matreiya might've been a bit impulsive with his arrogance and place in music history but bottom-line this dude is MAD-genius-talented much in the same way I feel Lenny Kravitz, Van Hunt, Raphael Saadiq, etc. are. They are our Black BARDS and they don't get the full propers they deserve (not all of them, and not always).

    I wish some of today's "artists" would enrich themselves in the past works of Lenny and Terence and other of our singer/songwriters/composers/musicians/all-in-one. Oh and let me at Prince Rogers Nelson to that list. LOL.

    My favorite TTD album is 'Vibrator' and that's only because I haven't bought/heard "Fish nor Flesh" I own the Hardline and I think Symphony or Damn but Fish/Flesh and another I've yet to purchase but will (if I can find them). He is AMAZING. Rihanna wants to be edgy and rockstarish? She wants a rockhead in her music vid? Call up our rock dudes from bands past and give them some shine; try for TTD, though I don't know if he'd take her up on the offer.

  2. *points at Madame Zenobia* AMEN! You said it!


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