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Friday, April 16, 2010

Six songs that I'm feeling this week (all from the 20th Century it seems)...feel free to put your six tracks of the moment in the comments. I think we'll make this a Friday thang.

This song is fifteen years old. Fifteen flippin' years old. I remember buying Tragic Kingdom when it was new. I know thirty-something/forty-somethings might find me overreacting a bit on this realization, but the older I get the more it kind of boggles my mind how some songs that you remember being pristine and fresh on arrival are being sung by contestants on American Idol like it's a standard Rod Stewart should be doing on an lousy album. Still re-listening to this song in 2010, I can't help but think how this song hasn't aged one bit. It sounds just as good as it did when I heard it the summer of 1996 on the way to swimming classes.

You know I love me some Phyllis Hyman, and this is another favorite number from her as it's disguised as a slow churning love ballad due to the sultry groove it's riding on, but it's really an inspirational cut of being confident in oneself and saying to the world, "I'm here...and I'm going to mess you up with my awesomeness". Well, that's half-true, but it's what I believe Ms. Hyman was getting at. Off of Phyllis' first Arista release, Somewhere In My Lifetime in 1978, this song stands out as one of her best writing efforts as well. And check out the performance at the link don't get performances like that anymore.   

For some reason, it's always embarrassing to like Toto, or so music snarkist claim it to be. Why? Because it's smooth rock or whatever gooey title radio stations give this type of music? Because they are a band named after Dorothy's dog? Who cares really because there are about three songs Toto have done that I really love, "Hold The Line", "Africa" (which had me adore the Guitar Hero-esque version from Chuck) and this song. It's a nice slice of Blue Eye Soul that is catchy like a cold. Plus Cheryl Lynn is on this doing what she does best and that is sang the refrains, so you know that this is great. 

Wearing on my soul right now is Chili having her reality show, What Chili Wants on VH1, where she is on the hunt for a man. Doesn't this premise sound familiar? Actually it's my life right now, but I just don't have a camera crew documenting my man hunt. It seems that almost every 90's R&B/Hip-Hop star from my youth has the same format for a reality show, and Chili's is no different, and that makes me a little miffed, because homegirl was original at one point. I would like to remember Chili with T-Boz and Left Eye, as they grooved on stage in platinum silver outfits, her baby hair game proper intact and singing the bridge with gusto. It's on like that.

"I'm talking. I believe in the power of love." Glee still has me mad for Madge this week after that glorious display of "Vogue"-ing proportions, and everytime I listen to "Vogue", I have to listen to "Rescue Me" right after it whenever I listen to The Immaculate Collection (yes, I skip over "Justify My Love") Truly one of Madonna's most underrated numbers, as it charted (at #9), but not too many people rank this as a hit single because they think "Justify My Love" is better (it's not). Shep Pettibone does the production and features that talking/singing technique that was used a lot in the 90's dance/trip-hop scene, and it's got a great build-up, right to where Madonna gets snarly and soulful.

After seeing this (which is the best title of any album period), I had to recollect Marlena Shaw's contributions to music, which is a lot. Yet, I settled on just snagging her Anthology to get the gist of things as it featured one of my favorites from Who's This Bitch Anyway, "Your Love Is Like A Party". I came away with loving the Ashford and Simpson derived, "California Soul", which is just damn exquisite. The sweeping musicality of the song is top notch right down to Shaw's powerhouse voice. A perfect intro into summertime weather.


  1. Me Like this idea. For me:

    Lady Phoenix - Bang Bang
    Empire of the Sun - Walking on a Dream
    Two Door Cinema Club - What You Know
    2AM - I Was Wrong
    Mini Viva - One Touch (JAMMMMMMMIN!)
    Robyn - None of Dem

    The EofS track just sounds so summery and it tends to get lots of replay when its very sunny outside. ;) But of all of them, the Mini Viva cut is probs my favorites. I don't know what any of the words are for the 2AM cut (it's in Korean), but it sounds sexy and melancholy. And of course, Robyn is just Robyn.

    Oh, and it is NOT wrong to like Toto. Haha.

  2. Marcy Playground - "Sex and Candy"

    Amy Winehouse - "What Is It About Men"

    Terence Trent D'Arby - "Wishing Well"

    Vanity - "7th Heaven"

    Irene Cara - "What a Feeling..."

    Bilal - "When Will You Call"


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