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Friday, April 9, 2010

Six songs I'm feeling at the moment...list your six songs of the moment in the comments, if you so desire. 

Been keeping a watchful eye on newbie vocalist Bruno Mars, especially after getting a listen at his track, "DreamTaker" (which sounds like a better constructed and sung Chris Brown track), but I'm still gunning him for big things, as his collaboration with fellow rising star, rapper, B.o.B, "Nothin' On You" is exactly how I like my combo plate of verses and vocal trade-offs. I truly love this song. It's got that laid back summer anthem vibe that is sounding so right at the moment. B.o.B doesn't try to overpower with his verses (his flow is actually on point throughout), and Mars has a really rich tone where he wedges in quite decadently.Watch for these two...something big might come of them.

You know something, Monica's Still Standing record isn't half bad, in fact it's one of the best mainstream R&B albums I've heard in a long time. And really with an R&B veteran like Monica, were you really going to get anything less?  The lead off single, "Everything To Me" is still the best track while the upfront "Woman To Woman" 21st Century makeover, "Blackberry" is growing on me. But I'm really liking the slow plodding percussion backing on "Here I Am" and how Monica sounds so crisp and assured. She sounds all around confident on the whole album, but this song basically offers more than "Still Standing" projects, that Monica is indeed back on the block and still Miss Thang. 

No secret that I have a thing for power pop/R&B from the 80's and Mai Tai is no exception. Mai Tai is one of those 80's groups that kind of came and went once the decade dissipated, but left behind a few fantastic singles (see "History" complete with idiot proof dance moves!). They were formed by a Dutch producing team to possibly to be the European answer to The Pointer Sisters. The Sisters Pointer are much better, but Mai Tai has some great little pop/R&B numbers, and this is one gleaming nugget in their cannon of output. The synths in this packs a powerful wallop and it's infectious enough. For those who like the big 80's sound will enjoy this like I. 

Currently, this song is speaking at me from all sides, as I'm seeing the hourglass dissipate on some friendships as graduation time comes near and all of us are going our separate ways. Okay, I'm going to cut the deep introspective goobly gook and just say that this has been one of my favorite Pet Shop Boys songs, but I never got it till now. Yeah, I'm slow, or maybe a bit more grown-up to appreciate it. It is a bit melancholy and a little tepid from the Boys, but it strums on those old heart strings about growing apart from relationships that we once held so dear. Poignant indeed. Plus I'm also fascinated at due to this song's epicness, it has its own website. Music nerdery for the win.

5. Stay - Rufus and Chaka Khan
Revisiting an all-time favorite Rufus track. This is one of those songs that gets better and better with each listen. Erykah Badu has sung this song on numerous occasions, and yes, she's great and Badu-y and all, but nothing beats Chaka's wails and phrasing. Off of the band's 1978 Street Player record, this is strangely the best song on the lot (the album isn't's just not as good as 1975's Ask Rufus) possibly because it sticks out due to it's sweeping orchestral and Chaka's impeccable vocals. There is nothing more I can say, but if you're a Chaka/Rufus fan and haven't heard this, I will be giving you the silent treatment until you listen.

6. Black Mermaid - Esthero
After unearthing this song a couple of weeks ago, the song continues to haunt. I have voiced my sentiments of this track previously, and I still have nothing but good things to say, it's just that I have two thoughts whenever listening to it. The main one is the broken record voicing that Esthero needs to release a brand new album because I'd hate to see "Black Mermaid" just kind of wander in the depths of the Internet and not be put on a proper release. And the next thing I'm wondering how this would've sounded if Cree Summer, who the song was intentionally pegged for (and who needs to follow up 1999's Street Faeire) , would have sung it. One can only wonder.


  1. 1. Bitter; Chante Moore
    2. Louboutins; Brandy
    3. Making Love Into The Night; Usher
    4. Money Can't Buy Me Love; Blackstreet
    5. Lose Control; Missy Elliott
    6. Getting In The Way; Jill Scott

  2. 1. Love King - The-Dream
    2. Jump Up In the Air and Stay There feat. Bilal and Lil' Wayne - Erykah Badu
    3. All Around the World - Lisa Stansfield
    4. I Wish It Would Rain - Mayer Hawthorne
    5. Shutterbug - Big Boi
    6. Star - Little Brother

  3. 1. Down to Earth-Jem
    2. Nothing-Janet Jackson
    3. Carefree-Mica Paris
    4. Unspeakable-Ace of Base
    5. Just Me & You-Phyllis Hyman


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