Artist Watch: Nabiha Is One You Shouldn't Let Slip Through The 'Cracks'

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Have a foreign (music) affair, with the latest import from the Danish music market who is bridging the gap between infectious pop anthems and soulful struts. Her name is Nabiha, and she's worth your while.

The balance between sugary pop and sweet back soul is a little tricky to master, and Nabiha urges the merges of these genres making a sound that is effortless. Her soulful wail seasons the pop blueprint, and it doesn't lose it's foot-holding. She's got a vibe that is in limbo with VV Brown and Shingai Shoniwa from The Noisettes, and if you dig them, you'll dig into this. 

Instantly I took to the singer's rant on not enough slumber time, "Deep Sleep", which cropped up on the Danish music charts last year and trust me, it's an addicting little song. In February, the singer released her debut, Cracks, and it has been slowly gaining some buzz. Hopefully, we'll get to see and hear more from Nabiha on North American shores, because she's a much needed jolt of caffeine right now.   

Interested to venture further? Sink your teeth into some goodies after the cut, the music video for "Deep Sleep" and a live version of the spitfire funk-pop single, "The Enemy".


  1. Love her! Catchy pop music...... and she has the coolest hair :)

  2. I can't get enough with her "deep sleep" and now here come "boomerang"!can't wait to have my own copy! Well here is Deep Sleep on youtube


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