First Impressions: Always 'Touched' By Natasha's Presence, Dear

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Seems that everybody has contracted dance-pop fever this year, and Natasha Bedingfield is hopping on the glitter wagon, waving her glow stick in the air. In a surprise twist, a new single from the singer/songwriter's upcoming album popped up on iTunes yesterday and it's simply called, "Touch".

Instantly, we hear this sort of late 90's pop-dance vibe, mixed in with a celebratory feel that is so Lionel Ritchie and "All Night Long"...yes, that is what I'm hearing. It's jubilant, spirited and follows in the vein of Natasha's other warm chicken soup feel good songs. "Touch" does ride on the crest wave of that surging pop beat that has taken Kelis and Kelly Rowland captive, and it shows Natasha taking a break from the homegrown pop sound we're used to from her and taking it to the dance floor.

The new track on the block isn't a "Pocket Full of Sunshine" (thank goodness), and it's on a different continent than everything that was on her 2005 debut, Unwritten, but that doesn't mean it's not worthy of a listen. No word on if other leaked track, "Shoot From The Stars" will be on this upcoming effort, but at the moment, "Touch" seems to show the speed at what Natasha is planning to make her upcoming album...take a ride after the cut.

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