First Impressions: Christina Aguilera 'Bionic' Mixed Bag Of Tricks

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Christina Aguilera continues to get people talking about her, though it has been more about her image than the music itself. From all those shoddy n' weak Lady GaGa comparisons (so the last ten years of Christina didn't happen? Right.), to how her naughty girls need love too music video, "Not Myself Tonight" got compared to every female pop star in the book right upon arrival. Still I have a bit more faith in what Aguilera has prepped for Bionic, even though "Not Myself Tonight", the song, was pretty much a cough and cricket noise for most.

So from the Aguilera camp there have been three new leaks, the title track, the Le Tigre collab, "I Hate Boys" and the Sia composition, "You Lost Me."All are pretty much distant cousins to one another.

"You Lost Me" no doubt is a showcase for Aguilera's supreme vocals, and if you like Sia and her music, you'll take an instant liking to this. The title track is feels like Santigold-lite, not a bad deal, because it is infectious and shows Christina out of her comfort zone, taking on a more hip-hop lean. In fact, it's better than "Not Myself Tonight". The worst of the lot is "I Hate Boys", and though I don't like judging snippets by their cover, the song clearly is a moronic mis-step with chants that seem 2000 and late. Christina sure is keeping us guessing with what she has in store with these three varying sounds. At the moment, nothing has really been "wowie wowzers" to me, but maybe she's saving the best for last? We'll soon find out come June, when Bionic hits store shelves.


I Hate Boys

You Lost Me

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