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Friday, May 21, 2010

 Six songs that I am feeling right always share your six songs of the week in the comments.

By now you should know that in my private music listening time, I love me some 80's New Wave. The beefier the bass and more strident the synths, the better. Missing Persons is a group I don't listen to often, but when I do, I never am disappointed. I'm weird, because I like Rhyme & Reason, their 1984 second album over Spring Session M, their 1982 new-wave classic which everyone and their mama likes. Not that I don't like it ("Words" is an excellent track), but I like Rhyme & Reason better because it sounds like it's from 1986, but it isn't. "Give" is just fun right down to the guitar licks and it's got a message wedged in their somewhere among the showcase of guitars and percussion, it's a hell of a good listen. Be sure to watch the's kind of mind blowing and not all that funny how much Lady GaGa got her look from Dale Bozzio more so than from anyone else.

I must not be the only one who wants OutKast to release another album, or am I? I know, I know, they are all doing their own thangs, Big Boi with his "Shutterbug" and Andre doing whatever he does best whether its a guest spot or production work. Still OutKast are the one of the only rap teams that I can think of that could put out a 2 disc opus and not be pretentious or come off as plain stupid. OutKast were getting to where Speakerboxx/The Love Below with Stankonia in 2000, and it was one of those albums at the time that if you didn't at least know one song off of it, you were banished to sit at the Losers Table (the one with the tater tots smeared on it) in the cafeteria at school. "So Fresh, So Clean" was my favorite, and I annoyingly used it as a catchphrase whenever my Mom would ask me if I was ready to go somewhere. The response was, "I'm so fresh, so clean, let's go, Mom". Suprise she didn't smack me. I can't believe that this song is 10 years old, but still it sounds 'so fresh, so clean'...sorry couldn't help it. 

Confession. I wanted to like "Freak"...but I just couldn't (we won't talk about that music video). It just seemed too moronic for me. But this, this freshly leaked track from Estelle's upcoming, All of Me effort is MUCH more my speed. "Fall In Love" came out quietly earlier this week, and yes it sounds a bushel a lot like "American Boy" right down to those squishy synths, but that doesn't strip of it's merits of being a nice laid-back 80's synth strut that puts Estelle back in good standing. No word on this is the follow-up to "Freak", but if this is to get people back into Estelle after that single fiasco, then she has a fool proof way of doing so.

Eh, forgettabout the song its all about Mekhi Phifer in the music video. Okay, I kid (then I don't)...but on the note of the song it is one of En Vogue's best, as the girls really put on a smashing harmonizing vocal display over that silky 90's R&B groove that I wish would come back. It's everything you want from an En Vogue track, just a whole mess of sangin'...not singing...sangin'. This song was done before Dawn Robinson split and the rest soldiered on as a trio, but what a bang Dawn went out on. The foursome have been back together for some time now, popping up at various venues here and there, and as much as I adore them and want them to give me that old time girl group feeling again, I don't know if they can top a song as great as this one.
How fetching this song is. The swiveling keyboard intro. The lyrical whit. How it sounds like an ABBA creation, but much more rockier. It's pretty perfect. In fact, I love this song more than "I'm Not A Robot", and I wish she'd release this song just so we can see a video of lots and lots of champagne being poured, because that's what I imagine every time I listen. It's a really glistening cut off of Marina's debut, The Family Jewels (which you should really get your hands on if you call yourself a lover of music), and I bet after you listen to it once you'll be humming it all day.

This song is so appropriate now, especially since summer vacation has officially started for me. It is truly time to "sit back and unwind". I always seem to play this time only when summer starts, it just doesn't feel right playing it during the dead of winter or when Spring Break is bubbling, it's one of those songs that fits with one season and one season only. Well, duh!, you say, considering it's title, but it just feels like summer has officially arrived whenever I hear this song blasting over the loudspeakers in a grocery store and I automatically have the urge to buy Fla-Vor-Ice pops. Plus who doesn't like the sampling of Kool & The Gang's "Summer Madness"? We all know what came of DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince---excuse me, Will Smith---after the fact, so no explanation there, but this song proves that these two had more talent than what people want to admit that they have.

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