Album Watch: Opening My Eyes To Nikko Gray's 'Love Seen'

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

One of the things that cripples a music junkie is that you're constantly collecting to the point where you end up possessing so much music that you never know what you've got (much less know what to play first!). Nikko Gray is one of those voices that got a little buried in the music treasure trove known as my computer hard drive.

Gray came to my conscious through a sparkling little track called, "Moonlight Delight" which was left for later listening, and got to my ears not too long ago. It seemed that I revisited Nikko's grooves just in time as the London-born, Los Angeles musically bred vocalist has released her first full length affair in the form of Love Seen, an album that showcases her attractive honey soaked husk vocals (think of if Yukimi Nagano from Little Dragon and Kelis got in a voice mashing machine) and musicabiltiy (made that term up) to soothe the savage beast with the salad of House, jazz and alternative R&B. It's quite exquisite if you ask me.

Love Seen can complement either the lazy afternoons of the summer, as well as be plugged in for your laid-back nights, it has got that type of vibe like an outfit that takes you from the office to the club (or the couch with a pizza's however you spend your evenings). Some albums can't do that as effortlessly, but this one does, in only eight tracks. 

Favoring most of what was heard, Love Seen, is chock-filled with supple lyrics, mellow vibes and electronic  blips, that it's a refreshing contrast to brassy summer sounds. This is an album that seriously calmed my little hyper bottom down, and in a good way, akin to warm milk easing nights of insomniac Internet roaming. Particularly I took the cooing bounce of the opening track, "Eyelash Wishes" and the hard nosed split personality of, "Angels > Demons", but the rest of the album is just as delightful to take in. Also the fellas may find themselves grooving to a clever song called, "Nail Polish" which is an ode to lacquer and love, but disguised as a breezy R&B groove. The lyrics on that one warmed my little nail polish junkie heart. This has quickly become a favorite for 2010, and will hopefully give leeway for Gray to receive added exposure.

The instructions are simple to follow: listen to two personal favorites off of Love Seen and then get to clicking and purchase Gray's debut for a low low low price your wallet will be thankful for. And I trust, this music and Nikko Gray will never be buried in your music collection nor your conscious.

Nail Polish .

Eyelash Wishes .

Purchase: Love Seen
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