Audio Vision: El DeBarge Is On The Comeback...And I Like It

Monday, June 28, 2010

There were more comebacks at last night's BET Awards than just Kanye West, Chris Brown and T.I. I have to sort of give a slow clap to BET for silently bringing El DeBarge out and letting him command the stage with a medley of DeBarge's classic 80's grooves ("All This Love"! "I Like It"! "Time Will Reveal"! "Rhythm of the Night"!). It was a thoroughly pleasant surprise considering that El didn't miss a beat and sounded as if it was 1984 (and how would I know considering my age...but work with me). He was slaying it. In fact so much, that I wanted him to do all of DeBarge's classics right down to "Who's Johnny"  and yelled at my TV screen when it was all over and went to commercial.

Apparently, El DeBarge has been on the comeback trail, in the fruition that he has a brand new album coming out, the aptly titled, Second Chance and it's too be his first in over 15 years. If you haven't kept up with the times, DeBarge was just released in November from prison following domestic charges, and ever since his release he has been bubbling up on the radar (he was recently seen on The Brian McKnight Show), ready to caress us with his smooth vocal abilities. He of course proved that he is ready for a proper comeback as his impeccable falsetto had me snapping my fingers and singing along, totally stopping my Twitter roasting tirade of the award show. The power of DeBarge compelled me.

I will have some more on DeBarge in later posts, as after seeing El do his thang, I had to pull out the DeBarge hits and soak in the awesome sauce. At the moment, enjoy what was one of the highlights from last night and prep for El's comeback.

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  1. i was waiting for the other members of debarge.. he was definately a highlight of the show for me. i wonder what prince thought..random i know


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