Crisp N' Fresh: Corrine Bailey Rae Provokes Us To Get 'Closer'

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Can I just's about time for Corrine Bailey Rae to release "Closer" as a single and video? It feels like I have been campaigning this song forever. Whilst Corinne's latest effort, The Sea has sort of fallen off of my play list, I have surely picked "Closer" as the winning number off of it that can be plucked from the brisk winter into the comforting glow of summer due to it's instrumental makeup and Corrine's cooing pleas. It's slinky without being too overt, and its got the right amount of spice and brass that it livened up the somber introverted nature of The Sea. Taking on an almost Diana Ross-Love Hangover vibe to the video, "Closer" features Corinne in all the glam "diva" touches of the 70's (disco balls, gilded silver gowns, roller name it) and the satiny environment matches with the lush funk of the song. She's just emitting gorgeous left and right, isn't she? This is the touch of class that videos need nowadays. [N2: ESS]

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