Crisp N' Fresh: Kelis Let's The Sparks Fly In Her Own Private '4th of July'

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It seems a bit early to be celebrating the 4th of July, but Kelis doesn't think so. 4th of July for me, usually, is my Mom making a strawberry/blueberry flag shaped cake that she has been shilling since 1996 when she saw the recipe in Family Circle magazine, and she makes it specifically for my Dad since he celebrates his birthday on Independence Day. For Kelis, her "4th of July (Fireworks)" is less home spun, and more of what I'd like to know gyrating in a desert in an a gold lame dress with an Indian headdress perched atop my head and spalshing around like a sea urchin in some water. Fun 'let independence ring' stuff. Not the most groundbreaking of videos and kind of yawns on arrival as it screams "look at me!!" Yeah, we see you Kelis rolling around, mugging for the camera and dancing with sparklers. But at least Kelis featured some fireworks (which obviously looks like a .gif she snagged from PhotoBucket or something) because that would've been a real rip-off considering the song title.

Flesh Tone is currently out to our neighbors overseas, but for those of us Stateside have to wait till July 6th for it's arrival. Review of Flesh Tone from yours truly is pending and waiting to be unleashed soon...

1 comment:

  1. i like the video ,she sticking to the theme of the lp with the fleshtone body suite in the begining, it's not over the top and fits the song, maybe could've used dancer i get a canival vibe or new oleans feel but maybe that to contrived


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