Crisp N' Fresh: Quadron's 'Buster Keaton' Takes Minimalistic Style To Odd Thrills

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

At a lost of words for what exactly is occurring in Quadron's visual for "Buster Keaton", and that is usually unlike me, a writer/blogger/chatterbox who thrives on the written word. Still believe me, you'll be mystified and perplexed like I when viewing this stark art house video from the Danish duo that descriptions will be lost. The two aren't featured in this video, still if you like seeing pretty colors, strange performance ballets, colored hula-hoops and stylish clothing done in a minimalistic way, you'll get a kick out of what the video entails. I will go on to gush that amidst all the artsty fartsy and visually stunning imagery you'll witness, the main focus clearly is the frigid and spooky chime of the track itself, which is nothing short of my favorite off of Quadron's debut effort. An album that if you haven't gotten by now, you should slap yourself silly and purchase immediately for the sake of not looking foolish when someone digs around in your music library.

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