First Impressions: Things That You Want To Sound Like The Killers, But Isn't; Brandon Flowers Debuts Solo Single

Friday, June 11, 2010

Usually when a lead singer of a popular group goes solo it's expected, but it can go one of two ways...really really good or it can go really really bad. So when The Killers' Brandon Flowers announced he was leaving for a spell to go solo, I was intrigued like Nancy Drew wearing pastels and seeing a clue through her magnifying glass. Then it was announced that his debut solo album was to be named, Flamingo, and then I became a tad put-off. It all sounded very "crusie-ship"-esque and since The Killers last album, Day & Age had a real "havana candy-tropical rock" thing to it, I was expecting the same. Boy, was I quick to judge. The first jump, "Crossfire", debuted on a US radio station this morning, isn't half-bad, in fact it's rather good. It mixes rock and even some country elements with an underlying electronic flair plugged in, all done rather cautiously, but effective. The song shows off Brandon's versatile pipes (dig the falsetto) wonderfully, because really his voice is the main reason why I like The Killers so much. Instantly, we want this to sound like The Killers, but to me, there is just a trace. From the sound of things, Flowers is playing to win with this solo effort, and I think he has won me over already.

Like penny-pinchers, his label is being stingy so they've been removing links (will post stream when coast is clear), but you can stream the track at Brandon Flowers' official site for the time being or listen here, and keep it tuned there as he'll be dropping solo tracks periodically until the album releases in November of this year.

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  1. I love this dude. I really really really do. Love this song too :) Thanks!


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