Song Stuck In My Head: No Fly Guy, I'll Take A Shy Guy

Thursday, June 17, 2010

"Shy Guy" - Diana King (1995)

I just adore Diana King. You can't make me budge in thought that she should have been massively huge, especially with her 1997 sophomore album, Think Like A Girl, which is one of my favorite albums ever...but more on that at a later calendar date. In 1995 (fifteen years ago!!), King entered the scene with "Shy Guy", a delicious jolt of what happens when you vibrantly mix Reggae, Hip-Hop and R&B that had King's massive vocal power splattered all over it.

To me, it's an essential 90's jam as it shows that during that time the style was changing with New Jack dying out and hip-hop becoming more so a force. It's just a hell of a lot of fun to sing (especially that chorus...) and do the Carlton to...which I know you did back then. "Shy Guy" clamored to fame when it was featured on the buddy-cop action-comedy, Bad Boys, starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. The track literally kick started King's career by reaching #13 on the Billboard charts and made the Bad Boys soundtrack one of the last of its kind.

It seems that nowadays the art of the movie soundtrack is kind of dead, where multiple songs off of it find chart action or where we find the next big singing superstar from movie soundtracks anymore. Now whenever an artist does a song for a soundtrack, it's an afterthought, or some sort of chore to discuss. So whenever I listen to "Shy Guy", I think back to when songs like this existed, and where we get music videos with film montages and those cheesy intros and cameos from the film stars (see below). Yeah, I kind of miss this.

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