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Friday, June 11, 2010

Six songs that I'm feeling this week...share your six songs of the moment in the comments, if you so choose too.

1. Georgia - Cee-Lo
Stray Bullets is awesome. It really is. So we can take it a step further. It took a little time but I fell in love with "Georgia", the first single off of Cee-Lo's upcoming Lady Killer project. It isn't called "Georgia" for kicks n' giggles as this feels very homegrown from the soil of the South. A wailin' good time it is.

2. Grapevyne - Brownstone
There is a thing called SANGIN', not singing...SANGIN'. This song is evidence of what I'm talking about because Brownstone clearly sang the mess out of this 90's classic. To this day it's one of my favorite songs from the "golden era of R&B", and though Brownstone didn't achieve as big of a splash as similar groups like En Vogue and SWV, their 1994 debut album, From The Bottom Up, was solid and should be in every R&B music connoisseurs collection. Also "the if you didn't know and now you know" fact: Michael Jackson produced this song. Oh yes.

3. Show Me - The Cover Girls
Speaking of girl groups....Freestyle music always reminds me of home, since it was played with a constant pound on my hometown's radio stations. Now that I'm back home in old SA of Tejas (or Texas for all you English folks), I'm feeling the need to unearth my small, but fair Freestyle collection, for the sake of nostalgia and that I can't get enough of those Latin tinged pop beats. Once you get past the high wine of the vocals, there is an crackling little dance number here from the Cover Girls. The trio weren't a favorite Freestyle act (that honor goes to Expose with a nod to Stevie B), but they were an act that did do some pretty decent stuff (their Rose Royce cover of "Wishing On A Star" doesn't sound bad even if on paper it does) and I'd take them back to replenish the drought of girl groups we are in now.

4. Doin' It Again - The Roots 
Yep. Still loving this song. All 2 minutes and 33 seconds of it. Bring on How I Got Over

It is true, but I hated to be bit harsh about Christina Aguilera's Bionic. But let's be real, it's not Xtina's best foot forward, she is capable of much better. Yet to cushion the blow, I always say, you can make a crappy album a big hit seller if you pick out the best songs and make them singles. If Christina follows my advice, she can dig herself out of the misguided persona of herself hole by releasing "Elastic Love", which shows her at her most ambitious. Sure it's very M.I.A. (cause the Kala Queen produced it, duh), but it's kind of what everyone wanted when Christina said she was 'bionic' aka different from the pop pack.

6. Head Over Heels - Tears For Fears 
Watching a Everybody Hates Chris re-run I was reminded of how much I love this song. Yes, like I said, you can find and be reminded of music in the weirdest places and background music in a sitcom is no exception. It's one of those seminal 80's songs, always present on some sort of playlist or video countdown whenever the decade is concerned. Not that that's a bad thing as I love the musical arrangement of this song, I also find this song rather sweet in a boy-meets-girl kind of sense. Plus, every time I enter a library I'm reminded of the accompanying music video, just that card catalogs don't spew out cards once you open them, much less do we even use card catalogs in libraries anymore.


  1. this week i've been diggin

    Janet- the body that loves you
    the saturdays- ego
    Anjulie- rain
    bif naked- lucky
    taio cruz- break your heart

  2. Brownstowne and the Cover Girls! Baby, it's LOVE!

  3. Thanks for the piece on The Cover Girls. For all those CG fans, I have some great news. The Absolute "Original" Cover Girls; Angel, Caroline, Margi and Sunshine are back together and touring. They recently completed their 6th performance in Los Angeles and are now scheduled to perform in San Antonio's Ice Lounge on Sept 28th (2013) Hope all you TX fans make it, and don't forget to bring all your CG memorabilia for them to sign. See you there!


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