First Impressions: I'll Take Whatever Lauryn Hill I Can Get

Monday, July 26, 2010

Lauryn Hill is coming out of hiding, like I...or is she really? I was sent this impeccable little number called, "Repercussions", that is being touted on the interwebs as nothing but a demo at the moment. The origin of this demo is a mystery that Nancy Drew nor Scooby and his crew couldn't solve, but nonetheless, I'll take whatever 'newness' Ms. Hill puts out in hopes that maybe, just maybe, we'll get that follow-up to Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. It has been over ten years after all and I'm freaking over being patient. "Repercussions" clocks in less than three minutes and it's a dreamy neo-soul glide, very smooth and relaxing. It sounds like a step back into the 90's,  and then again it sounds like the soul sound of now. Maybe we'll get some clarification on what Hill plans to do (or not do) with this song when she takes the stage at Rock the Bells come this August? Maybe we've been teased again? It's whatever really. I'll take what I can get for right now. It's new to me, and it's Lauryn Hill and it's pretty good. Soak in this for right now.



  1. I am looking forward to Lauryn Hill's new project! I'm glad she's back... Her artistry is necessary!

  2. Gaga you will be sorry... GET READY people!


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