First Impressions: Kimberley Nichole Satisfies My Ballad Craving; Has 'Reloaded' Her Journey

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

In a strange occurrence the other day, I was hungry for a modern day ballad. But since ballads are a dime a dozen these days, with anyone who attempts to do it either a) screams, b) doesn't have the vocal chops, and sounds like a cat in heat, or c) begs. Hence why I'm so picky about my ballad intake. Thank goodness for Kimberley Nichole, who has restored my faith in the well-executed ballad with her latest "Crash & Burn".

I have been delaying hardcore on telling people about Kimberley Nichole, so I decided to do it today since I've had a pleasant reminder pop up in my inbox that Kimberley is re-releasing her hotness debut, Yellow Brick Journey, an album that I was introduced to by fellow blog compadre, Soul UK, and stupidly forgot to add to my 2009 wrap-up list....and stupidly forgot to tell you about. Well, Kimberley has my undivided attention again with "Crash and Burn", which is that ballad I've been hungry for. It has a real easy going feel to it, with Nichole carrying her vocals gallantly and assuredly. What I like the best is that she doesn't "over sing" which is what some singers like to do on a ballad...just glaringly and sharply sing till the cats hold their paws on their ears. On here a little bit of Nichole's vocals goes a long way.

And since it's Tuesday, and nobody really likes Tuesdays, listen to another track, called "A Rage In Harlem", from the YBJ Reloaded project. You'll be glad you did. 

Crash & Burn

A Rage In Harlem

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