First Impressions: Waking Up With John Legend and The Roots

Monday, July 19, 2010

Yep, I'm still here. Just been swimming in Jell-O-esque brain cells due to catching summer feelings. It happens to me around mid-July...just as a future warning. What I probably needed was a wake up call and well, some favorites of mine have given me that. 

Some time back I mentioned that John Legend was going to be latching up with The Roots for a special project and well, the fruits of labor has finally bobbed to the surface, cover art and all.

The collaborative effort has been touting around the remake of Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes 1975 classic, "Wake Up Everybody" for some time on the live circuit, and now we have the polished studio version, with Melanie Fiona and Common adding their talents to the mix. It is as charming as the original, with Legend and Fiona trading off vocals beautifully. Seriously, they should have been doing duets so many moons ago. While its not truly all shaken up and rearranged to sound somewhat different, and Common's entry is a bit unnecessary, it sticks to the tried and true format of the original and that is fine by me. Here is where keeping things simple and classic works in a remake.

And if you want to check out the original by Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes for a refresher of what a soul classic is all about, then take a peek after the cut for that and the tracklisting to Wake Up!

Wake Up Everybody (ft. Melanie Fiona and Common)

John Legend + The Roots: Wake Up! Tracklisting
1. Compared to What
2. Hard Times
3. Little Ghetto Boy
4. Wake Up Everybody (feat. Common and Melanie Fiona)
5. Our Generation
6. Love the Way It Should Be
7. Hang On in There
8. I Can’t Write Left Handed
9. Wholy Holy
10. I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free
11. Shine

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