Late Hall Pass: Ellie Goulding

Thursday, July 8, 2010

In a real idiotic move, I haven't been keeping tabs on Ellie Goulding, a British newcomer that would easily fit into my music criteria based on a number of strengths. She has a whimsical pop quality that I easily attach myself too in order to calm my little rump down, and she has lots of synths in her music...and I have a love affair for synths, the bigger sounding the better. Akin to Paloma Faith and Natasha Bendingfield, Goulding sort of fits into what I like about pop from overseas more so than in my own homeland. It's done with less force. Not that it's baby powder soft, it's just that it's not overly in your face, with not a gimmick image in tow.

While Lady GaGa is good (in small doses), Ellie Goulding is someone that is the sugar that helps the bitter medicine of American pop go down, especially once you hear her song, "Starry Eyed", which is truly a pop song that does what it's supposed to do.Yet, you just can't stop at "Starry Eyed" as Goulding, with the help of producer Starsmith, is the pop vocalist that has intricately woven pop songs, where each time you listen, you hear something different...nothing is really cut and dry to a steady pop formula, it jumps around. The real surprise is Ellie's chirpy voice, as it eerily sounds like Bjork. Well, Bjork if she drank Tang and ate those sugary yellow loafs called Twinkies a lot. 

On a whim I managed to get Ellie's debut, Lights, and I took to "Starry Eyed", currently one of Ellie's singles, right off the bat....

Ain't that a divine cosmic creation? Love love the synth work in it. Other single, "Under The Sheets", is a more cheekier affair, but very punchy and infectious...

There are more bold treats to behold on Lights, such as a wonderful swell of the opening track, "Guns and Horses" and a ballad, "The Writer", that is euphorically stunning, and I'm pleased to hear that it will be the fourth single come this August.

Goulding is steadily making a name for herself, as she is drawing comparisons to being the poppier alternative to Florence + The Machine, and though I hate to always make comparisons (but in the music blogging business you sort of have to...) it is true as "Under The Sheets" feels like the cousin to "The Drumming Song". Goulding does have the upper hand, as Lights is better than her contemporaries like Pixie Lott (who's debut seemed way to generic for me) and Little Boots (who's debut has some moments, but doesn't hold up with repeated listens).

If cards are played right, Goulding will have a promising career as Lights is one of the better and more cohesive pop offerings you'll probably hear all year, it's even right up there with Kylie Minogue's Aphrodite. If you like your pop with some whimsy and wall to wall synth and piano work, then Ellie Goulding is right up your alley, so if you haven't already partaken, take the late pass like I and listen up.

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