Remember The Time: Nona Needs Love...And Looks For In All The Wrong Places

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Reason #3458 why I love YouTube: At three in the morning you always find something worthwhile to post. How completely unaware I was that Nona Hendryx had a video for one of my favorite cuts off of her 1985 album, The Heat, a roadhouse blues number called, "I Need Love" that has Nona slaying on the vocals. I was in knowledge that there was a video for the semi-hit, "If Looks Could Kill (D.O.A)", but never for this one, it was all kinds of surprising and fun discovering this. Like finding out that I did have a good corner left of Marble Slab ice cream left in the pint

No doubt people got itchy over this video considering the themes and the cast of characters present, hence why it probably got overlooked and not promoted. Whatever the technicality, it makes for a entertaining view. In a bizarre way, I see some elements of what Madonna did in the "Justify My Love" video. Maybe it's the way that Nona (who's hairstyle I have in my 80's dreams) walks down hallways, peers and goes into various rooms, with cross dressers and a overall seedy hotel appeal...or maybe I'm just seeing things. Great, great track by Nona, that's needs a second look.

1 comment:

  1. i remember this video, mostly the part of her being groped by those two guys lol


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