Audio Diva Workshop: Oh. I Reached A 1,000 Posts....Well, How's About That?

Friday, August 27, 2010

Well, what do you know...I've reached over a 1,000 posts! How dopey of me to even not check it! Probably happened last week, but you, it gets the best of everybody.

*gets up to the podium clutches self like Halle Berry on Oscar night* 

So this is perfect for me to usher in a waterfall of thank yous thus, I wanted to take this time to thank each and every person out there who has in some way shape or form reached out to me, Twittered me, added me on the blogroll, followed my crazy arse with this blog and my Tumblr, read the words posts here, followed me through other social networks etc.....though I usually don't get to say hey, or drop a line in the comments or even visit your site that much, but I am watching, looking, thanking, appreciating and just loving being around some of the best folks of the Blogging Kingdom. You don't know how much you guys inspire and make me want to share music and commentary...and life with you all. Every comment and simple "hey" means a lot! Not lying. Before I start boo-hoo happy crying, slinging the snot and Sham-Wowing all over the place let me get to the grit.

You're probably wondering why my work on this blog and my presence on Twitter has been overtly sporadic and almost MIA these past couple of months. I have been taking the summer to gather myself (college wipes your ass out), write, get wrapped up in family drama, write, job hunt, write, job hunt,'s been a busy summer, and it may get busier in the next couple of months so the blog has to suffer as my free time has been compromised. But Audio Diva isn't going anywhere. I'll still try to keep you up to date on favorite tunes and artists, and also take the time to wade in just won't be as constant as before. But quality will never go'll always get the best from me! Just try to bear with me in this transitional period for me.

To keep popping the champagne, Audio Diva is going to be getting a sibling. Well, a new blog sibling that is. At the moment I have been starting and stopping and starting and stopping a new blog project, that will hopefully get its wings sometime this fall. I have been rambling about it on Twitter...maybe you missed, but I have been wanting to do this blog project for a little over two years now, and well, carpe diem...seizing the freaking day finally and will be debuting the site soon. Plus Audio Diva will be getting some good changes coming it's keep checking back, commenting and the like and I'll keep you in the know of these blossoming details.

Once again, I know I just made it like I won a Grammy, dropped it, and had my nephew break it (side eye to Taylor Swift and John Legend), but I never knew how far this blog was going to get when I opened it back in October of 2009. So I'll save the rest of the gushing for October when the site will be celebrating 2 years (!), but I just wanted to thank all my readers, affiliates and haters for keeping things going on here and let's bring on a 1,000 more posts!


  1. Congrats! :-D

    Can't wait for the next 1000 posts and the new blog project!

  2. Happy milestone! You deserve it!-QH

  3. Amazing! Congraulations Jennifer and to 1,000 more! xx

  4. 1000? Dang, girl! Werk! Congrats!

    I'm so proud to have gotten to know you both through your writing and through or social networking. Thank YOU for being an inspiration!

    Keep it moving! Can't wait to see what's next!

  5. Thanks guys! You guys keep me going, for reals! :)


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