Buzzy Wuzzy: Happy Birthday Madonna!

Monday, August 16, 2010

What better way to spruce up a Monday by giving some birthday attention to her highness, Madonna? Today the Queen of Pop is celebrating her 52nd birthday, so as good little Material Girls and True Blue Boys, you must, and I repeat must play at least one Madonna song today, strike a pose, get into the groove and cause a commotion. I don't care where you are just express yourself, Madge would want you too. I don't care if you don't like Madonna (that kind of attitude is blasphemous in my world), just be reminded that her music is more than just about justifying love and physical attractions, the message of personal empowerment is nestled in between the infectious synths and coos. Yeah, that sounds like a lot of yak, but Madonna and her music means just that to this little tan girl. Madonna hasn't exactly been doing anything musically inclined lately as she has a string of other ventures she's exploring (fashion line, charities, new movies, adoptions, boy toy browsing...etc.), but she's Madonna, she can do whatever in frackle she's pleases, and still her legacy is intact (did you see the Glee episode dedicated to her?) so why not kick back and holiday, celebrate in all that is Madonna today? 

Five of my favorite Madonna videos after the cut. Share your favorite Madonna tunes and trends, if you wish in the comments.


  1. "Love Profusion," "Vogue," "Love Tried to Welcome Me," "White Heat," "I Want You"

    Nice picks.-QH

  2. I love that you gave some love for "White Heat"...such a great track and my absolute favorite off of 'True Blue'!

  3. Get Together (from Confessions)
    Promise to Try
    Time Stood Still
    The Power of Goodbye
    Oh Father


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