Crisp N' Fresh: Cee-Lo and the Art Of Cussing

Friday, August 20, 2010

Does anyone have a favorite cuss word? Come on, don't try to act all sanctified on me. It's Friday and it's blazing hot, you know you're at the end of your rope today and you want to say a collage of four little words to release the stress...especially the word in Cee-Lo's new song. I know I sure do. After becoming enamored with his excellent Stray Bullets mixtape (which you should have by now), Cee-Lo is still delivering the goods off of his upcoming The Ladykiller project. "F**ck You" is his latest endeavor and it rides along like a demented 60's soul nursery rhyme...and yes, it's pretty f**king good, a task that's hard to do when you've got expletives running rampant in a track. With the promo video above (the real video will come out next week), Cee-Lo does what I've been trying to tell people about my cussing being an art form as he spells (and sings) it all out to you artistically. Typeography nerds rejoice at the brilliance of this (NSFW) video as you see all of Cee-Lo's transgressions spelled out to you. I think this is going to be my new theme song.


  1. Isn't this song great?! LOL.

    If anyone did this, I'd probably not like it, but Cee-Lo is such an interesting artist. The Ladykiller album is gonna be amazing!

  2. LOL! It sure is. I agree, if anyone else had done this I would probably twist my nose up at it, but Cee-Lo makes this enjoyable. Well, I like cussing anyways so I'm glad to let some tension out with this!

    I can't wait for LadyKiller either, one of my 2010 anticipations.


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