First Impressions: JoJo Swoops In and Surprises With 'In The Dark'

Monday, August 30, 2010

With growth comes some maturity...well for some of us, I'm 23 going on 12. For someone like JoJo, her maturity shown brightly on that fabulous song, "Wait A Minute (For Your Love)"  which leaked earlier this year. It seemed a signal for something much more from R&B/Pop kid sister.

JoJo fans know all about her label woes and the fact that she has had a bushel load of songs that have been leaked every which way around the web. Now it's great to see something official that involves a release with JoJo. Following in the same business and creative tactic as numerous artists of today, JoJo is jumping on the mixtape bandwagon and releasing her first mixtape project, Can't Take That Away From Me on September 7th. Today the first single, "(I Only Know Him) In The Dark" was released, with much delight from me, considering how much I enjoy JoJo's music.

JoJo hinted to Rap-Up that this mixtape will explore a more "mature" and "experimental" sound. So does she live up to that on "In The Dark"? She actually does. This slinky and minimalist hip-hop beat melds with experimental electronic sounds and is a hop, skip and jump from Dear Diary anthems like "Leave (Get Out)". In some ways it's sounds like Cassie's "You & Me"...but better. Immensely better. Ignore the auto-tuned parts (yeah, there are some), but in all the song possesses a great chorus and bridge that sort of sweeps you in. R&B heads will definitely take a liking to this. Take a listen after the cut to "In The Dark" and see if JoJo surprises you with her new sound.

1 comment:

  1. Hmmm...I like JoJo, but this may have to grow on me. I'll definitely get the mixtape when it's released though.

    I admit I liked Cassie's "Me & You" when it was out. I have fond memories of requesting that song & skating to it with friends. LOL.


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