First Impressions: Not Seeing Eye To Eye With Kanye West, Beyonce and Charlie Wilson

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Just in. Kanye West recruits Beyonce and Charlie Wilson for his brand new song, "See Me Now". 'Ye twittered about having a special surprise today, but you knew that without even taking the time to follow him.  that he was Produced by No I.D. and Lex Luger, "See Me Now" is poppier than expected, and yeah, it's weak. Of course this will be a big hit considering the names involved...still that doesn't necessarily mean it is good.

For the first listening moment, it has simple little beat and it's easy to digest due to the newness of it and with the surprise addition of Beyonce (not taking a break, I see) and Uncle Charlie (Last Name) Wilson running through their vocals. Since this was reported to have been finalized last night, thus it sounds just like it was recorded last night. Very rushed with an generic flow and feels cluttered like a middle school talent show entry. Then there is annoying "ba-ba-ba-ba" backing chorus that sounds like it was lifted from Hip-Hop Rhymes For Dummies. And dare I even say that Beyonce and Charlie Wilson aren't the problem, just that the song is very undercooked. It's a complete mess. While I liked 'Ye's current single, "Power" a lot, this one feels mighty weak in comparison. Here's hoping 'Ye can redeem himself.

See Me Now (ft. Beyonce and Charlie Wilson)

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  1. I felt the same way about the song. Summed it up in one word . . . RANDOM. I love all three artists (separately), but having them all on one song was a bit much.


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