First Impressions: Sara Bareilles Makes Me Feel Like Shopping For Bland Pastels With "Hold My Heart"

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Kaleidoscope Heart will be here in two weeks. Forgot didn't you? Well, catch up. With the target date of September 7th for the album's release, the momentum is set with a brand new leaked song, "Hold My Heart". Sara Bareilles (looking mighty Carly Simon No Secrets in this pic) is currently sitting pretty in the Top 100 with her rambunctious single, "King of Anything". "Hold My Heart" is essentially Bareilles, it's a piano-pop driven ballad feature the ebb and flow of lovely voice, but something about it just feels rather mediocre and even down right typical.

Maybe today, I'm just not in the mood for a power piano driven ballad, but in some ways, "Hold My Heart" sounds easily like it could be played over the loudspeakers in Kohl's or Bealls as it just sort of evaporates into the shopping atmosphere, not engaging, just there for background ambiance. It just has that feel. Not to overlook Bareilles, who has a killer vocal range and phrasing...a reason why I'm a fan in the first place. Yet, if she's releasing this as a single, I'm a bit disappointed as this could have easily been sung by Leona Lewis or some other Unisom sleeping pill of a singer. Ballads don't have to sound bland or cookie-cutter, but somehow in recent years ballads have been plagued with this sort of same monotonous, intro hand clapping, faux Gospel leanings that feels overused and unimaginative. For someone with strong, personal and intricate ballads like "Gravity" and "One Sweet Love", I guess I was expecting too much.

Hold My Heart

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