First Impressions: The Saturdays' 'Headlines' Is When Pop Goes Flat

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mini-albums, mixtapes and EP's are sort of the norm nowadays, serving as an appetizer for what ever else is coming up, and it's a pretty sneaky and sometimes profitable tactic (just ask Lady GaGa, Robyn and a gaggle of hip-hop/R&B artists), but it's nothing to really complain about...except when it's induces yawning.

The Saturdays have served up this week, Headlines, an eight song "mini-album" that is geared to be a warm-up for the group's upcoming third album. The first single, "Missing You" has been out for a good month. But you know how us Americans are...we're the last to know about our friends across the Atlantic.While "Missing You" makes your gums hurt for its sugary shower of synths, it's actually the best new song on the whole thing.

In spare moments, I try to understand (yes, I'm philosophical like that) why I like The Saturdays over any other UK girl group. Sure I like the Sugababes (well, it was never the same once Mutya Buena left), but The Saturdays seem so much more fun than their other counterparts...which is why I'm disappointed in how Headlines plays out as a mini-album. To take the "say something nice challenge", I am pleased with "Missing You" and the punchy "Karma", but that's about it.

We're supposed to get eight new songs, but we really we're duped and just get four (with two being less than stellar). The remainder are rehashes from their (mediocre) 2009 Wordshaker album ("Ego" and "Forever Is Over"). Then one of the other newly touted songs, "Died In Your Arms" is really a Kristinia DeBarge throwaway track...oh, and toss in a remix of "One Shot" from Wordshaker, and voila! you have a wimpy, wilted salad...not a money crunching appetizer. Like I mentioned about Robyn and her Body Talk mini-album approach, it is no excuse anymore for an 8-track album to be this terribly thrown together, and I'm not the only one complaining about it. Come on Satz, I like my pop with a little more zest than this.

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