First Impressions: Take A 'White Knuckle Ride' With Jamiroquai

Monday, August 30, 2010

Haven't you heard? Jamiroquai are back...or really it's one of those "we never went away, y'all just late" type of deals. Well, I'm late to the news that Jay Kay and the boys are back with a new album, Rock Dust Light Star (that sounds like some candy...some real good candy) and a new single, "White Knuckle Ride". Talk about greatness. It wouldn't be Jamiroquai if it wasn't all about the funky stuff and this song pretty much has it. It's that cool in the shade funk beat that is part danceable, and part max and relax, with Jay's croon and wiggling bass lines along with a surge of disco light synths (!) in the chorus. Maybe since I've been listening to Imagination (you know "Just An Illusion") lately, this sounds like something they would've done back in the day, so if you like that sound, this will please you with it's vintage appeal. Wouldn't have happened on this if it weren't for Pinboard, so props to them, and make sure you keep on your toes about the November release date of Rock Dust Light Star (say that three times fast), I know I am.


  1. i am telling you...
    when i heard this.
    when i saw this.
    when i engaged with this...i absolutely plotzed!

    i am so ready for this album.

    [side-note: i successfully said "rock dust light star" three times fast.]

  2. *wink back*

    I am ready too! I feel like a spaz for not knowing Jay and the boys were back. 2010 is kicking ass and taking names with all these upcoming fall releases...summer was slow, but fall is picking up!

  3. I LOVE THIS MAN, THIS BAND OMG GOD!!! Loving this song!!!

  4. Every Jamiroquai album has been worth the wait. If White Knuckle Ride is the bar they have set for the new album it should be amazing!


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