First Impressions: '10 Seconds' In You'll Be Hooked On Jazmine Sullivan's New Single

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dare I say that Jazmine Sullivan is gunning to be the next Mary J. Blige? Okay, bold statement for the morning, but with her latest chart entry, "Holdin' You Down (Goin' In Circles)" and now with latest, "10 Seconds"...I'm getting an influx Mistress Mary vibes, that it's getting harder to shake. Not that it's bad though, considering Sullivan to having premier vocal talent and a decadent array of songs on her 2008 debut, Fearless.

"10 Seconds" for a smidge sounds like "I'm Going Down". It flows in that same brooding vintage soul vein that Mary's 1993 cover of Rose Royce's classic does, and Jazmine's vocals are defeated, raw and packed with adrenaline, adding fuel to the fire. It's a real treat to hear this type of voice being replicated once again, but just dressed in a new vocal package. The girl has real range.

Off of her upcoming sophomore record, Love Me Back, the Saalam Remi produced, "10 Seconds" is slated to be the singers 2nd single to follow-up "Holdin' You Down". Things are clearly shaping up, and I have a feeling we'll be in for more treats and surprises when Love Me Back hits stores later this fall. You know the drill, peek after the cut for a listen to the fab "10 Seconds" and formulate your opinions in the comments.


  1. Jazmine the next Mary?! That could be likely since it gets hard to stay a Mary fan with each new release...

    Anyway, this is a really good song. Her voice is insane.

  2. LMAO...yeah, MJB has been slipping A LOT lately. I hate to say, but Jazmine could snatch the rug from under her...and I say that as a Mary fan.

    I think I like this song better than "Holding You Down"!

  3. The difference between MJB and JS is that MJB had a classic debut and JS' was overall a snoozefest with material that wasn't fit for her talent. But that's just my humble opinion :-)

    That being said, I do like this joint. Here's hoping her sophomore effort comes anywhere close to MJB's uber classic one. Because she certainly has the pipes.

    On another note, I am SO glad she changed her stylist this go round. She is a gorgeous girl and needed to step her game up. I'm expecting big things!

  4. No, Vivrant, you are right! MJB's '411' is classic, and the hits kept coming...well, until now, but a debut sort of sets the tone. I actually liked 'Fearless', but you're right, it did undermine her talents, though she had me with "Lion, Tigers and Bears".

    LOL about her stylist. For some reason, they were making her look younger than she actually is, or was that just me? But I am expecting big things to come around, because I really like these first two singles, and sometimes a lackluster debut can lead to a stronger sophomore effort...we'll see!


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