First Impressions: Andreya Triana Shares Meloncholy Melodies On 'Lost Where I Belong'

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Praise and words have been dotted across the blogosphere about Andreya Triana, and finally the London-bred songstress has caught my attention. Perfect timing too, considering her debut album Lost Where I Belong hits shelves today.

Triana doesn't give us a typical neo soul vibe, she's a bit more complex and melancholy than her contemporaries with a down-tempo and trip-hop groove in support.While there are the warm beams of soul streaming through in the production (which is heralded by producer Simon Green aka Bonobo), there is something quietly mysterious about how Triana approaches the music on here. As the title of the album suggests, Triana is trying to wade her way through her own personal trials, and the whole of the album is sort of the map that she's trying to decipher at her own pace.
We're clearly just along for the journey.

From the music box clops and chimes of opener "Draw The Stars", you're picked up into Triana's atmospheric poetry. It's a rather grandiose opening, though it quietly arrives. This is what occurs throughout the entire album, each song just edges its way bashfully into the spotlight, almost as if it's isn't sure, but once it gets going, it's an open book. The title track emulates this mostly in the instrumentation which goes from a persistent back beat and then becomes enveloped with jarring strings. 

Current rave, "A Town Called Obsolete" is the more jubilant song of the bunch, with a makeup of a Philly Soul sound. It's really an excellent song, due to the layering of the arrangement and Triana's varying vocal climbs and drops.

The enchantment keeps on coming with songs like favorite  "Daydreamers", which is supported by lush brush strokes on percussion, giving the impression of a sleepy, shuffling slow dance. The haunting "X" closes out the album, with a heavy heart and room for a continuation. As the song drifts away with a cello solo and Triana citing over and over that "it's just the way it goes", one can wonder if Triana has indeed come full circle.

Triana reminds me a lot of one of my favorite voices, Alana Davis. Not because they share the same corkscrew curls and a aficionado for their guitars, but in the depth of their voices and how they display their inner self lyrically. If any other singer had attempted the type of balladry and vulnerability here, it would truly be a bore, but with Triana it is a gorgeous arrival. 

Lost Where I Belong is beautiful, haunting, enchanting and almost a tad heartbreaking. It's clearly the most beautiful album I have ever heard this year, and the textures it possesses are nothing short to put you in a more reflective mood. Those looking for some easy-to-digest-soul-on-the-go might be surprised at it's down-tempo state, and it's ultra personal take. After taking a moment to really sit with the album, it really does engulf you, and after its nine songs are over, it feels as if it were a dream. Fans of Corrine Bailey Rae's The Sea will enjoy what Triana has done here, maybe even more so because Triana really captured human emotion in its darkest corners.

Rating: 9.8/10 
Release Date: September 7, 2010

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  1. Definite nominee for end-of-year Top 10 lists!


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