First Impressions: Can't Believe That I'm Liking A 9-Year Old Child Star's Song...

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Consider this your dose of a Internet phenomena for the day. 9-year-old Willow Smith has a song...yes, she is Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith's spawn and yes, all child stars sort of go this route, but this isn't some typical "oh, how cute!" cheek pinching stuff. Willow is damn serious with "Whip My Hair". Usually overly talented little children sort of scare me. Have you seen The Omen? The boy who paints like a seasoned Rembrandt? Contestants on America's Got Talent? When a girl starts singing opera and she hasn't begun to wear a training bra, I'm concerned for my safety. This is one of those things, because Willow sounds better than half of the R&B chicks on the air right now.

"Whip My Hair" may seem moronic or even juvenile, but be damn, it is catchy like a cold and is Top 40 fodder for sure. Could this be the new "Lip Gloss" or "Milkshake"...songs that nobody wants to admit that they like, but can't deny those bouncy beats and the syncopated rhymes? I have no idea what Willow Smith is trying to do...apparently she did this for fun, but whatever the case, Willow kind of splashed fruit punch all over Ciara, Keri Hilson and Teairra Mari, ladies who have been clawing for a hit in recent years. Still I'm thoroughly convinced that Will and Jada have gone all The Skeleton Key and have done some Orleans hoodoo magic and actually possess their children's bodies for further domination...but that is just the afternoon nip talking.  Take a listen to "Whip My Hair" after the cut if you already haven't...


  1. Well, she IS Fresh Prince's offspring! Does not surprise me she is good at this!

  2. I certainly have no abundance of love for Daddy Will but girrrrrl, Willow this is kinda hot!


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