First Impressions: 'No Strings' and No Gimmicks With Mayer Hawthorne's Latest

Friday, September 17, 2010

I love it when an artist just releases music for the sheer hell of it. No upcoming album in sight. No promotional lock-up. Just a tweet, some small shop talk on the web, and wham! a new song. Well, I'm partially fibbing because Mayer Hawthorne has released "No Strings" on the strength of getting people hyped about his upcoming fall tour (Yay! He's coming to my neck of the woods!). Still some artists aren't as generous to release a new song for a tour, so I have to give them "the wink and the gun" for issuing out such a fine slice of synth funk to add my birthday celebration.

Hawthorne is no stranger to dipping into the throwback soul sound pool as evidence on his marinated in Motown debut, 2009's A Strange Arrangement, an album that was good, but seemed a bit too carbon copy to be fully original. The Classix produced, "No Strings" actually has him sounding less like a imitator, and more like himself, just with an injection of that vintage soul influence. In fact, I like this more than about half of what was on Arrangement (though I adore the title track). Truly love the 80's rock steady vibe that is bobbing on this. It's very Hall & Oates/Toto/Bobby Caldwell, and all those other blue-eyed soul troopers that occupy my music library. Oh, so satisfied with this. Here is hoping that Hawthorne continues this type of vibe on his next record. Click after the cut for the experience.

1 comment:

  1. I've only heard a few Mayer Hawthorne songs here & there, but this is great! I was pleasantly surprised.


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