Freebie Adventures: JoJo Gives Us Everything & More On Mixtape

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

As promised last month, Rap-Up got the exclusive to debut JoJo's mixtape Can't Take That Away From Me, a collection of songs that the singer collaborated with various producers and put together as sort of a thank you note to fans. Fans who have been bombarded by unreleased tracks, and little to no definite news on a new JoJo project. So yadda, yadda, the mixtape actually good?

Already you've gotten a whiff of the slinky, "In The Dark", and pretty much you're getting the same all over. It's rooted in some great R&B tones and styles, and like mentioned before, JoJo's voice has become richer with age...and she makes this an entertaining set. 

I don't get why JoJo said the mixtape was "experimental", because a majority of the songs could sound right at home on 2006's The High Road especially the perfect pop-n-spark of "Pretty Please". Yet, there is the exceptional "All I Want Is Everything" (check after the cut for a listen) which dabbles in that Jill Scott-esque neo-soul vibe she's been flirting with...and well, that shows a real turn around. Her duet with producer/singer Jordan Gatsby, "What You Like", is another winner as it rides on a funky synth and guitar back-beat sounding quite Ready For The World, if you "squint" your ears.

Produced by the likes of Chad Hugo of The Neptunes, Kenna, Neff-U, Oak, Beau Dozier, Jordan Gatsby and Travis Garland, Can't Take That Away is varying in the sense of whose taking over the production reigns, and that I can give to her. Clearly this mixtape could have been a real album, it's that well thought out, yet I feel that this is merely a warm-up for what JoJo has in store later on down the line...we'll just watch this space. In the meantime, check the choice track after the cut, and get ya hands on the free download now!

DL: Can't Take That Away From Me Mixtape 


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