Recycle It!: When Motown Met Neo Soul...A Look At "Your Precious Love"

Friday, September 24, 2010

Ah, Motown...we all know that its recent revival, it's mass of copycats and the love affair hold it has been has had on the soul and pop music industry for some time now. It's practically being replicated everywhere. It's nice to do a homage (especially when you do it right), but "ain't nothing like the real thing, baby".

After snatching a chance to watch Tammi Terrell's heartbreaking story on TVOne's exceptional UnSung special (click here to view it before it expires!!), I was of course, inspired to well...dig a little deeper and find some more gems from the Marvin Gaye and Tammi duets, as well as other songs that Tammi recorded before her tragic passing. Little did I know, while Googling up a mess, that I would come across a duet of the duo's classic, "Your Precious Love" sung by none other than favorites, Erykah Badu and D'Angelo. Now many of you may know all about this considering how hard you stan for Miss Du and D, but yeah, I slept on this. I had no clue that even Du and D did a song together, and I'm wondering why this duo hasn't collaborated more often. 

Du and D stepped into Marvin and Tammi's shadows back in 1996 for the High School High soundtrack to put their neo-soul spin on "Your Precious Love". This happened long before either of them really hit it big as, at the time, Badu had yet to record Baduizm. The song is currently resting in good remake company with D'Angelo's recently released Interpretations: Remakes collection (which I need to cop for the sake of him covering favorites such as Earth Wind and Fire's "Can't Hide Love" and Prince's "She's Always In My Hair"). 

So do you feel the fire n' desire on the rehash? I do. Yes, you can be a purist and of course favor the original. As for me, I love the original, and consider it the best duet Gaye and Terrell did together next to "You're All I Need To Get By". Yet, Du and D add a little of their own tenderness to the mix, making for a delightful love fest.

Like Gaye and Terrell, Du and D were on the rise when singing this song, and it's sort of apt that these two would cover it considering how their careers took off thereafter. Badu sounds so crystal clear (and young), and this is the way I like to hear D'Angelo sound...instead of like this. What a difference fourteen years make. Peep both versions after the cut.

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