Remember The Time: Smoke Doesn't Get In Pat Benatar's Eyes

Monday, September 27, 2010

Pat Benatar has had her share of classic video moments, whether wearing a striped shirt and snapping like a member of The Jets in "You Better Run" or inspiring the "shoulder shimmy of the fishnetted streetwalkers" in "Love Is A Battlefield". Benatar's later career expressed a more sophisticated chanteuse look, though her songs got even more edgier, a contrast that plays well in a visual like this. From 1985's Seven The Hard Way,  "Le Bel Age" is actually my favorite Pat Benatar song. She has a lot of great ones ("In The Heat of The Night" being the other favorite), but this song has a stellar arrangement that keeps on getting better as it's literally criminal that people don't know this song that much. For the video, Pat could have easily let it rip, throwing back her head in angst and strutting around, but that proves to be too easy. She opts to look like more like a demure 60's Blues singer as she cooly keeps a cigarette poised between her fingers and seductively woos the crowd in this classy black and white visual. I have to think this look and overall attitude boiled over into when Pat tried her hand at Blues in the 90's with her True Love record...or maybe that's just me.


  1. She doesn't look back on this album fondly due to Chrysalis pushing her back into the studio so soon after her birth. That said, I think "Seven..." is a cool record as it has a very contemporary, fast paced feel, "Walking in the Underground" is a definite highlight. Her first authentic blues foray would be on the jump blues number from '84's "Tropico" "The Ooh Ooh Song," which I recommend. "True Love" is a hallmark for me for Pat, she really spread her wings.

    You've got a lot of treats to discover in Pat Benatar. I recommend her recent issued autobiography too.-QH

  2. LOVE this track. Another I still play is Run Between The Raindrops. Cheers!!

  3. QH - I've been meaning to check out Pat's auto-bio! Thanks for the reminder! I heard it was really good *adds to Amazon Wishlist* I heard that 'Seven...' wasn't a pleasant recording experience, a lot of fans sort of hate the record (didn't know until I went on Rate Your Music, yikes!). I haven't heard it myself, but I did enjoy this song, "Sex As A Weapon" and of course "Invincible". I actually love the 'Tropico' record. Seems that fans only like Pat in the early 80's, but I like a lot of things she did after that. She does have a wide range of albums to explore, I haven't gotten to them all, but I plan too!

    XOLondon, glad someone else loves this! I haven't heard "Run Between The Raindrops", but I'll check it out, as I'm still getting around to going deeper into Pat's catalog.


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