Take 5 Fridays: Making Comebacks

Friday, September 17, 2010

Yep, I decided to bring this feature back to the Audio Diva churn because I miss it and because it's a great and simple way for me to catch up on stuff that I always miss in the week or want to just share in the land of musica. I've been lazy, so I'm making up for it. So if you would like to keep seeing this feature pray to the Blog Gods for me to remember to do this each week and let me know how much you enjoy it in the comments!

1. The 'I Support Kelly Rowland' Fan Club: I admit. I haven't been supporting Kelly Rowland lately. I think I designated myself the lone blogger who actually cheers for her after loving life and limb out of the fantastic and murderously ignored 2003 single, "Can't Nobody". I know I need to get over that. I also was alone in the tundra who said they liked 2007's Ms. Kelly and David Guetta "When Love Takes Over" where she assisted on vocals. Still it's rather nice to see Rowland having a massive following in the electro-dance crowd with "Commander". She keeps on bringing the noise with another new song from her upcoming, Grown Woman, album. "Rose Colored Glasses" is up to bat, and the video is wind machine pretty with lots of confetti. It's really nothing special, yet, I really really like the song. Damn, Kelly has me reeled in again.

2. Don't You Forget About Me (aka The Albums I Forgot To Review): There were so many albums that came out over the summer, that I completely forgot about reviewing or didn't feel like reviewing. I truly lost my head, and making up for lost words. So a quick round up in just a few words:
  • The Roots' How I Got Over is an album that needs no skip button, it's that good.
  • Jamie Lidell's Compass is rather compelling.
  • Sia's We Are Born sounds more Christina Aguilera than Christina Aguilera sounded on Bionic.
  • Scissor Sisters' Night Work makes me me wanna throw glitter in the air, dance my ass off, and get messy drunk.
  • Esperanza Spalding's Chamber Music Society haunts you every which way, it's really for those pensive moments. 
  • Zo!'s SunStorm features top notch guest stars as well as top notch mindscaping compositions.
  • Rox's Memoirs is surprisingly docile.

3. So Are You Ready To Be Gleeked Again?: Glee is returning next week, thus my life is back in order. It's time for more quotables from Brittany, more Sue Slyvester shenanigans, more Puck hotness and just overall cheesy-weezy fun. The new cast photos are out, the guest stars have been announced, and already some overly eager son of a Gleeker leaked a new song. The Gleekers are opening their 2nd season with their version of the Jay-Z and Alicia Keys' song that just wouldn't keel over and die, "New York State Of Mind". Even though I'm sick of the song, as par usual, the song is given a breath of fresh life by sunny, happy, people known as the McKinley show choir. It's totally NSFW or really anywhere considering you'll be dancing and waving your arms madly around knocking stuff down.

4. Sharing Seal's Secret: I sort of put Seal in timeout after that watered down mess known as his tribute to all things vintage soul on the ironically titled, Soul. It was sort of mind boggling that the same man who did stuff like "Killer" and "Prayer For The Dying" could sound so...bland. Heidi Klum made this man a plush animal.... Well, maybe I should give my boy a second chance, considering he has a new album coming out this month (Commitment or Seal VI ) and the first single AND video have already been released. Okay, well, ah, um...point blank, I'm not feeling the latest "Secret" too much, though it might end up being a grower. So as to not make me sound further bitchy, at least Seal still sounds as wonderful as ever. 

5. Who's That Girl: A preview of what is to come on the next 'Wipe Off The Dust'. I usually just surprise you, but I thought I'd have a bit of fun. If you know who Tyka Nelson is related too, you are awesome, you win at life plus you can have a slice of my birthday cake...well, theoretically, I can't FedEx people cake.

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  1. Tyka Nelson is related to Prince, right? Is she his sister?


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