First Impressions: Pink Implores You To 'Raise Your Glass' To Celebrate Her Greatest Hits

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ten years ago, a neon pink coif popped up on the TV screen scowling about some guy "looking pitiful". It was 2000, and Pink arrived on the scene as the R&B chick from around the way with her debut, Can't Take Me Home and man, was she fun. After an image overhaul, bleached locks, sound change, record label switch, five albums, and a trapeze act later, it's really no surprise that Pink is releasing her greatest hits album later this year. Pink has done a lot in the last ten years. For some reason, I never put into account how many hits Pink actually had, but when picking the brain...she has had a lot, and not just "Get The Party Started".

It wouldn't be a greatest hits album without a brand new song tacked onto it's hit-filled contents, and Pink is prepping two for the release. The first, "Raise Your Glass", premiered last night and will be the lead single for Greatest Hits....So Far!!! (note the exclamation points...she's dag gum serious about this). Actually, I kind of like this. It's purely Pink and thanks to production by Max Martin, it feels like the effortless pop of 2001 all over again. It's feisty in all the right places with chants galore that infectiously coax you to join in. Playing as an ode to all the "freaks" out there, a flag that Pink has been proudly raising since her arrival onto the scene, this song should have no trouble catching on. So if you dig you some Pink (I know you do, don't kid yourself) then peep after the cut for "Raise Your Glass"...consider it your Wednesday Hump Day treat.

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