Remember The Time: Getting Some 'Vengeance'

Thursday, October 14, 2010

This week has been a big ball of suck for me, thus, I want some vengeance. Carly Simon "Vengeance" that is. Have I ever admitted on here that I'm a Carly Simon fan? Okay, well, cat is out of the bag, cause I am. Not a big one, but "Boys In The Trees" got me through some thangs in high school, and since then I have been a fan. One of my favorite Carly albums is 1979's Spy, even though it's a little hodge-podge and experimental, it has some gems on it.  "Vengeance" went really nowhere when it was released, but this performance of Carly on the defunct show Midnight Special should have made people jump on it's bandwagon because it is a killer rock meets funk tune. You must watch the whole thing, particularly towards the middle, when Carly puts her hands on her hips and then whips out a guitar solo. It's fantastical. Interesting enough this was one of the many videos that debuted on MTV's launch day back in how times have changed.


  1. Anything this woman recorded between '75'-'83 was truly epic. I highly recommend any of the albums from that period. Her last album of original material that dropped in '08 was compared to "Spy," great pick.

  2. Yay for another Carly fan! Funny, I have Carly albums from that period! Like 'Come Upstairs', 'Hello Big Man' (my other favorite) and 'Boys In The Trees'...and you might laugh, but I actually LOVE the 'Spoiled Girl' album. People usually dog it because Carly was going for something more "Madonna" like, but frankly, I like almost every song except "My New Boyfriend" (what a stinker!). I need to get 'Another Passenger' though, Michael McDonald and Carly together is some kind of wonderful :)


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