Song Stuck In My Head: There Is Lots To 'Love' About The Mark Ronson and Boy George Collab

Thursday, October 14, 2010

 "Somebody To Love Me" - Mark Ronson & The Business Intl (feat. Boy George and Andrew Wyatt) (2010)

Producer whiz kid, Mark Ronson is usually hit and miss for me, and his latest, Record Collection, continues on that trail, even with appearances from D'Angelo, Simon Le Bon and Q-Tip. It's in the okey-doke box for me. Yet, I have plucked a cherry from the pile and it is the collaboration with Boy George and Miike Snow's Andrew Wyatt, "Somebody To Love Me".

This skittish quasi-ballad charmer sits so well with me mainly because of Boy George, who's vocals I have always thought were embarrassingly underrated. It's no "Time (Clock Of The Heart)" (which is one of my all-time favorite Culture Club songs next to "Changing Everyday"), and while it would be even better if he really got a chance to lay it on thicker over the plucky bass-lines of the track, the song is still just the right amount of old school mashing with the new that it fits Boy George like a glove. My wishful thinking wants Boy and Ronson to get together for a full album...I mean if they can make some magic like this, who knows what else can be pulled from the hat?

My music listening must be in sync with video release schedules as just yesterday the music video for this impeccable track was released. As you can witness from the VHS rewind theme and the appearance from a female acting as Boy George in a bowler hat, dreds and all, it perfectly matches with the overall theme of the track. Looking back on glory days and trying to move forward is a bittersweet ordeal.

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