Take 5 Friday: Hip-Hop 101, Bob Marley Covers...and If 'Bring It On' Did A Christmas Song

Friday, October 1, 2010

 5 leftover thoughts & things of the week gone by...

1. Is This Love, Is This Love That You're Feeling (Twice): Bilal and Corinne Bailey Rae must be on the same brain wave length (great minds think alike!) because in just a few short weeks these two have released their cover versions of Bob Marley's classic, "Is This Love?" Personally, it's my favorite Marley cut next to "Three Little Birds", and I'm always welcomed to hear remakes galore. I missed out on Bilal's live performance of this, but making up for lost time by listening to it back-to-back with Corinne's latest cover, where she totally makes it sound very afternoon delight-ish and gorgeous. So who wins? I have to give it to Corinne. Trust me, listen to it, she gives me all kinds of happy feelings with it. Still I would adore someone making a mash-up for both versions, just cause it would be awesome. Same goes for a mash-up concerning Maxwell and Kate Bush doing "This Woman's Work". Someone make these things happen! You can download Corinne's version for free (!) here, courtesy of the good folks over at Giant Step.

2. Sade Is Having The Best Week Ever: Sade is touring. The band and the singer. Yep. It has been a decade since the band has toured (the last being the Lovers' Rock tour) and they are making up for lost time, as they are globetrotting to promote their latest, Solider Of Love effort. All the tour info is at their website, and more dates will be added. And if you thought the Sade Train stopped there, Sade popped up on stage with a very very pregnant, Alicia Keys to collaborate on "Love Is Stronger Than Pride" at the Keep A Child Alive Ball last night. A real treat and honor for Alicia consider that Ms. Adu and the band don't really collaborate with anyone else. Aside from the grainy video (which you can view here), the audio is pristine enough to hear that the the two women complimented each other, and sounded quite marvelous. I would like a studio version of this, please and thank you.

3. Justin Timberlake, The Roots and Jimmy Fallon Gives Us A Edumication on Hip-Hop
Okay, Justin Timberlake may be more of the serious thespian now (The Facebook Movie...oh, dear), but he always creeps up every once in awhile to regain "Street Cred" points, since they have been stripped To Wong Foo style after some questionable collaborations (we won't get into that...). You've probably been seeing this all over, but why not see Jimmy Fallon and Justin give us a the condensed history of hip-hop for another go-round? The Roots are backing them up, if that can lure you in some more. Sadly, the two aren't doing the hilarious The Barry Gibb Talk Show skit, but this is the next best thing. 

4. Cheerleaders For Santa: It's October 1st. That means it's time to get ready for Christmas. Huh? In this society, once summer is over, it's time to put up the Christmas decorations. I swear a neighbor of mines was putting up some Christmas lights on their porch the other day. Too soon. Well, folks waste no time in spreading yuletide cheer, and Mariah Carey is one of them. The only Christmas album I care about this year is Mariah's second holiday installment, Merry Christmas II You (Annie Lennox is releasing a Christmas album too this year, but her album cover isn't all that interesting).  I was a tad amused by the Big Lots Discount Store plastic scent that just seemed to be wafting off of the album cover, and now I'm even more amused at the Bring It On-esque new single, "Oh Santa!" which got a leak today. I feel I need pom-poms and drink my egg nog out of a sports bottle to really get in the mood for this. It's no "All I Want For Christmas Is You", but it's cheery enough to let you catch the spirit...in October. You can peep the song here...I'm not getting in trouble with the Mariah Legal Machine today.

5. Recordshop Tycoon
This is the nerd-y moment of Take 5 Friday, where I admit how much of a fan I am of Time Management/Simulation games. I have far too many Diner Dashes, Cake Mania, Supermarket Manager, Virtual City-esque games on my iPod, that it's a little unsettling. It's funny, the thought of me waiting tables is hilarious due to my clumsiness, but currently on Cooking Dash...I'm an expert food server. Go fig. URLesque gave me simulation fever again with a write-up about a fun flash game called Recordshop Tycoon. It's music, it's about record shops, and it's a simulation game...I'll all ears. Recordshop Tycoon plays like any other simulation game where you manage a record store, rack up customers and funds...simple stuff. Yet, there is some irony too it. Taking in consideration how homespun record shops are going by the wayside and going corporate, you're doing just the same as you progress in the game. Oh, well, at least it's a fun game to waste more precious Internet time with. Only downgrade is, you don't get the full effect of being in a recordshop. I revel going into a used record store and picking up an vinyl that still has a residue scent of 1970's weed on it. Ahh.


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