Take 5 Friday: Nelly Furtado Is Making Me Feel Old, Fresh Prince Done The Indie-Punk Way, Whipping Hair & About That Kanye Cover...

Friday, October 22, 2010

5 things from the week that need to be reheated in the blogowave...

1. Winehouse For 2011?
Can we start the campaign now? Or am I jumping the gun? I've seen a lot of rumors swirling around lately that Amy Winehouse is apparently for the gabillionth time making a comeback to music. People are fa sho wanting 2011 to be "Year of Amy". So putting Nancy Drew skills to work, I laid out what Amy has actually done for us lately: 

  • She has recorded a song with Mark Ronson for a new Quincy Jones album. The song is Leslie Gore's "It's My Party". Ronson said, "She sounds great." That tells so much. It is also noted she got into a Twitter tiff with Ronson too.
  • Amy took some beautiful photographs for Harper's Baazar. Bryan Adams photographed her. Yes, that Bryan Adams. Yes, the guy who sang such 80's JCPenny's loudspeaker songs like "Cuts Like A Knife". The pictures are gorgeous (see right). 
  • She collaborated with British brand Fred Perry for a fashion line. No word on if worn ballet flats are on the menu, but the clothes are 50's and 60's centric. 

2. "Tick Tock Clock" By Raphael De La Ghetto
How many of you love you some Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air? I should see those hands...both hands. Dance the Carlton for The Fresh Prince Project. Instead of re-imagining the theme song over and over like countless versions you can see on YouTube, multi-instrumentalist Dr. Tweenus Gonzo upped the anty and has recorded songs recapping the first season...all 24 episodes on one album, which you can purchase at a name-your-price deal on his Bandcamp page. So if you remember the episode where Will let Ashley play the drums...you're gonna get a song all about how Ashley ditched playing the violin to having Jazz "get her on the ticket". That's just one episode, all the memorable season 1 episodes are recapped from Will trying to woo the snobby Mimi Mumford to Raphael De La Ghetto poetry. It's really pure comedy. Is the stuff catchy? Not really. It's more thrashing indie-punk than what I would like it to be, but maybe you'll get a kick out of it, like I. 

3. Dark Twisted No-No
On Twitter, I said I didn't need to deal with Kanye West's banned album cover for My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy on a Monday when it debuted because I rather that that kind of shiggity be exposed to me on Friday. Well, it's Friday now. *cracks knuckles* Aside from belief, I like Kanye West. I like him like going to the dentist. I hate the experience, but I'm happy with the results. So right now, I'm disliking the lead-up experience of MBDTF, but I'll probably may like the results...the music I mean. The cover, I'm not thoroughly moved with it. It's not as bad as these covers, or Millie Jackson's infamous porcelain squat, but it's sort of "whatever you're a torture artist, wah" for me. I wanted an "real artist" opinion on it, so I asked Audio Momma. Relax, she's not scarred and she's a legitimate art critic. She has an art degree and taught art to rambunctious high schoolers for years. She knows bizarre art when she sees it. Aside from her being intrigued and admiring the colors, shape and brushstrokes (must be an artist thing), she had to conclude that some people will get it and some people won't...like Van Goh chopping off his ear. I can agree with that. It all in whether you want to stroke 'Ye's ego or just wait for the tunes to arrive. Me? Wake me up when the album leaks.

4. Whoa Nelly!
Where have I been to not know that Nelly Furtado is also having a greatest hits album coming out? Well, she is, since it's been 10 flippin' years since her 2000 debut, Whoa! Nelly. She's celebrating this by making me feel like I'm brown Doc Marten sandals by releasing The Best Of Nelly Furtado. Wait, it's been 10 years since I was CD swapping this album with the clarinet section in high school? Ay dios mio! Best will be out on November 15th (in a possible attempt to compete with P!nk and her ancient hits) and will feature three unreleased tracks, including recent, "The Night Is Young" and "Girlfriend In This City". Nelly is not done yet, she's coming out with a brand new album (Lifestyle) next year. She dropped a hint that she's been listening to a lot of Janelle Monae and Florence & The Machine lately...but that's just a random tidbit. And before I forget, Nelly has this HOT and insanely catchy song, "Fuerte", which she re-did in English (it was originally on 2009's Mi Plan), so no need for the Rosetta Stone there. It's got quite an equally stylish video, so have at it.

5. Whip It Good
Little girls and their hair are having the BEST week ever. First, we had Willow Smith doing Jackson Pollack paintings with her hair for the much anticipated "Whip My Hair" video. Then a week before that Sesame Street melted my icy heart and brought a tear to my eye with the cuteness fest of "I Love My Hair", which finally shines a light on why little Black girls (and grown sistas like myself) should embrace their hair no matter what anyone says. If only this had come out when I was a young Audio Diva...Following all that came obligatory memes (The Exorcist one is so fitting for Halloween) and then it was a matter of "duh!" when someone (producer/mixologist, Mec Jagger) mashed-up the Sesame Street video with Willow Smith's audio thus getting the genius "Fraggle Roc Nation" remix. I could care less if people think this is over-hyped, old, stupid, or boring. 'Yall milked Andre Dodson and that god awful "Bed Intruder" for all it's worth, so I'm gonna give some praise to little Black girls who are now finally being noticed and admired for their crowning glories.

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