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Monday, November 29, 2010

"Rolling In The Deep" - Adele (2010)

Hello! First, how gorgeous is that single cover? Next, how great is "Rolling In The Deep"? What?! You don't know?! I've been telling, 'yall about Adele and how she's miffed and coming back for a second album...I know I've been away and all eating turkey and sweet potatoes, but you should have heard---do I have to introduce everything around here?

Okay. "Rolling In The Deep" is nothing short of fabulous. It even gets more fabulous each time you hear it. Trust me. The first time you hear it you're enamored with the thrust of percussion (it feels so Florence + The Machine "The Drumming Song") and the impeccable call-in-response Blues wallow Adele has formulated with her vocals. Her vocals are as you expect them to be. Urgent. Precise. Funky. Then the second listen you're stomping and clapping along. By the time you're on your fifth spin, you think it's your favorite song for life. Well, not for life-life, but it's just a great little "dark bluesy gospel disco tune"  that feels just as epic as when you first digested "Chasing Pavements" back in 2008. I can confidently bet the girl is probably going to knock it out of the ballpark when 21 hits the streets next year in February.

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