Adventures In 2010: Top 30 Songs [#20-11]

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

And the melody still lingers on....

20. Nothin' On You - B.o.B (ft. Bruno Mars)
Here we have the case of two rising stars and a pop hip-hop hybrid song. On the surface, this song could have been as plain as a blank graph paper, yet B.o.B and Bruno Mars aren't mundane and they take this song and turn it into something special and highly infectious. Usually I get bored with a set-up of a song like this, because it's been done an awful lot of times, just in the 2000's decade alone, but here the vocal stylings of Mars and B.o.B's easy-going lyrical abilities makes you succumb to it's sweetness. This song sort of gives me faith in humanity that people actually still give a damn about the construction and execution of a good pop song, and that it can be a song that deserved it's #1 chart position.

19. Get Outta My Way - Kylie Minogue
The title track would have have appeared on here, but something about "Get Outta My Way" brings back the bratty Kylie of "Did It Again" on Impossible Princess and I got nostalgic. I like it when Kylie gets a bit spatty, and she does it oh so sticky sweet on this charming pop cascade.   

18. Raise Your Glass - P!nk
Yeah, why so serious everybody? P!nk gave me a much needed splash of vodka in my 2010 with this unabashed rambunctious rebel rouser. It can be viewed as "Get The Party Started" Part Deux, but somehow I like this better. I think I might enjoy the experience of this song better if I was smashed to the wall with a beer mug held high in hand, but hell, I love singing this track at a high decibel being totally obnoxious in the process. The song deserves that kind of treatment, it's just that kind of song.

17. A Town Called Obsolete - Andreya Triana
While the majority of Ms. Triana's debut, Lost Where I Belong, has a seedy flavor to it, "A Town Called Obsolete" is actually the most chipper of the set with it's urgent slap of percussion and the faraway bubble of horns. Still melancholy resides in its residue long after its over, which makes it quite the anti-love song.

16. White Knuckle Ride - Jamiroquai 
Jamiroquai didn't hesitate to just be completely themselves on Rock Dust Light Star because, well, no risks were really taken on it. While others will be chastised, I like that Jamiroquai sticks to their guns and doesn't try to get "cute" when creativity fails them. "White Knuckle Ride" isn't cute by a long-shot, it's funky and fast. Just like how I like my songs.  It's like a bullet out of it's full metal jacket, a sound that Jay Kay and Co. are pros at doing. There is also a neat little tempo change before the chorus kicks off which made this song an instant favorite for me this year.

15. Starry Eyed - Ellie Goulding
It's all in Ellie's vocal delivery that makes "Starry Eyed" such an enrapturing commodity. A rainshower of synths compliments, but doesn't distract from Ellie's coddling coo, and makes you feel like you are (cornily) amid the shooting stars. I like simple set-ups like this for pop songs, as this one barely reaches the three minute mark, but it gets the job done right away.

14. Heartbeat - Nneka
Love the paunchy Reggae groove on this one. "Heartbeat" is definitely one of the standouts on this year's Concrete Jungle, with its ramshackle percussive workout and stuttering vocalization from Nneka in the chorus. Displaying some erratic behavior never sounded so good. 

13. Just The Way You Are - Bruno Mars 
As you know, "Just The Way You Are" contained one of my favorite moments of this year. The part where Bruno kicks off the chorus with his proclamation to his girl about how she's perfect just the way she is...golly gosh talk about some lines. Maybe I don't get out enough, but swoon I did. This whole song may be a down-right cornball to some, but I'm a sap who thinks chivalry should be used more often in the world.

12. Dancing On My Own - Robyn
Can this be the saddest dance song ever recorded? I don't know. Plus, I don't have the energy to really look all of that up and make an argument for it, all I know is that this song will be, one day, Robyn's signature song, totally eclipsing the power that "With Every Heartbeat"  had in the process. Jarring, icy and oddly spirited this one is.

11. All Matter - Bilal
As intricate, complex, and cerebral as the man himself, "All Matter" mirrors why Bilal is of the elite of soul men out there today. Simply done, he just puts on one hell of a vocal performance on this percussion driven theory of love and it's many particles. The lyrical building blocks to get to the chorus are something to really engage in as Bilal just does some insane vocal gymnastics. While this is not a moment where he is just completely out of bounds that you're whip lashed by complexity, it's still a real labyrinth of a soul song that makes it rise above the others of it's kind.

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