An Audio Diva Christmas: All Little Jackie Wants For Christmas Is For You To Lighten Up

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's December! So...every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday till the 25th, we'll look at Yultide themed tracks. Okay? Got it? Alright!

Imani Coppola and I could totally be pals. She'd probably be that friend who always got me into trouble that led to a switch to my rump, but boy, what fun trouble we'd get into. That's the impression I get every time I listen to one of her albums...the solo ones I mean (especially her 2007 The Black & White Album which is experimental and hilarious). Imani is sort of my snark goddess, saying things that I pretty much was thinking all along, so of course being sarcastic on a Christmas track is right up my alley.

In association with her group, Little Jackie, "All I Want For Christmas"  has Imani spitting out word gems about how all she wants for Christmas is a sense of humor because well...Christmas can sometimes suck, especially if your wallet is screaming from the recession and you and those around you feel more Ebenezer than anything. I share this same sentiment with Imani, because that's sort of what I want from Christmas...aside from The Facts of Life Season 5 on DVD and a shopping spree at Sephora---but that is beside the point. Any song that talks about just wanting Christmas to be as simple and magical as it was when we were kids is an instant winner for me. Peep the Christmas jeer after the jump.


  1. Imani's awesome. I did some jingle work with her a few years ago, and she's seriously cool people.

  2. How weird, I just found this site via a Janelle Monae - I worked on Imani's first album, she was the best, so funny and talented and completely original, it was hands down the best project I worked on. Little Jackie was great too, they kicked ass live on kcrw in my neck of the woods. Hope she does more stuff soon

  3. Phillip, that's real awesome! She just gives me a vibe that she'd be a great person to be around. But that is so cool that you got a chance to work with her!

    Glad you found me! You worked on 'Chupacbra'?!? Oh, wowie! Let me just say it was a great debut, very original. Might I ask what you did? Still to be involved with that project has too incredible! I hope to hear some more from Imani and Little Jackie, some real gems they have.

    Thanks guys for sharing your Imani stories!


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