An Audio Diva Christmas: Why Kylie Minogue Made Me Like 'Let It Snow'

Friday, December 17, 2010

If you already didn't know, I'm a right sucker for Kylie Minogue...add in some Christmas cheer, some water and bake at 450 degrees, and it's a fresh out of the oven sugar cookie experience. Minogue has already charmed people over with her rendition of "Santa Baby", a song that no matter if Madonna or Eartha Kitt sing it, it still gives me the skeevy-jeebies. Maybe I need to be a guy to get it, but I feel like I need to bathe every time I hear that song. Anyways...

Minogue has been tottering around recently with her rendition of "Let It Snow". She premiered it the Rockafeller Center Tree Lighting ceremony a few of weeks ago, and she gave it a real kitchy cutesy cabaret twist. Plus, she killed a Yeti for the poncho, so everybody wins. 

"Let It Snow" used to be one of my most hated Christmas songs, because 'it never snows in Southern Texas' and I'm quite bitter about that. Well, there was this one time that everyone in my family keeps telling me about where it snowed here, but alas I wasn't even born. (Note that once I was born, it stopped snowing...sort of a reversal of what was going down in Narnia). When I happened to be sentenced live up in the northwest part of Texas, I got my first taste of a snowy Christmas where you couldn't see anything but white fluff, and it was actually quite peaceful. So now I finally get what the fuss is all about...but this song doesn't tell you about all the shoveling and the sprinkling of salt. Yech.

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  1. Cute, Kylie is everything. Oh, I also enjoyed Bedingfield's album. We must Facebook if you have it.-QH


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