Crisp N' Fresh: ....And 'Rolling' Again With Adele

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Just when I got this song unstuck from my brain, here it comes rushing in like the waterfall of bluesy-funk it is. Adele is testing my patience by just dangling the carrot of what to expect on her upcoming album, 21. You know how the song goes and you know that it posseses every cranny of your ever loving soul. So what about the visual? Is it just as haunting as the track? It is...if you like the minimalist approach. There is some sort of profound meaning behind the music video, this I know, because Adele is in an empty house with a drummer---there is an instant feeling that there is a deep philosophical message there. Or it's just Adele reenacting what "A House Is Not A Home" is all about.

I made some deep observations of my own:
  • Adele sits in a chair. She's in "love timeout". 
  • I like Adele's headband.
  • Those rooms are in need of some Oxy Clean.
  • There's a dancing ninja. He's got to be a part of the Rent Is Too Damn High Party
  • The dancing ninja is dancing in a white substance.'s probably powdered sugar.
  • A paper city burns up, it represents....a paper city burning up.
  • Those broken dishes represent the hooligan activities I did yesterday when Tumblr was down
  • Someone should be paid a holiday bonus for filling up all those water glasses.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Diva! I have watched and listened too "Rolling In The Deep" Probably 1,000 times in the last week! I am HOOKED! And the reason why I am hooked with the video is the dancer! Now I HOPE this is a man, but 2 other sites stated it is a woman ninja! At the beginning there are "feminine" poses an moves, but the middle and the end it HAS to be a man - like Cirque de Soleil! Do me it represents a man FLIPPING OUT in the ashes of love! The water shows the beat, the room is just sublime as is Adele just sitting there! LOVE IT! So HOW do we find out and keep my fantasy that this is a dancing "Highway Robber - from the 15th century" and NOT an UNREAL female dancer?!!! :-D Cheers Dawn


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